Growing up living with my nan involved a lot of textiles. Garish floral print on every carpet, cushion and curtain. Cross-stitch tapestries of idyllic landscapes, Princess Diana and cats on every wall. Watching my nan knit plush toys, crochet blankets and mend clothes for her church was fascinating to me as a child. Being surrounded by softness is where I feel the comfort of home.The repetitive, nostalgic process of craft inspired my passion for fibre art.

In 2016 I learnt how to use a pneumatic tufting gun whilst studying Visual Arts at the University of Salford. This machine shoots yarn in a hollow needle through stretched fabric, stitching it to create loops at the front of the canvas. It is a cold, industrial machine that produces soft, painterly, rug-like textures. Art and life intertwine; I describe my tufting practice the same way as I describe my perfume - an industrial sweetness.

My artwork is heavily based in mental illness, trauma and modern existentialism. In previous pieces I have narrated my own personal experiences and emotional distress, using the tufting gun as a therapeutic tool to self-soothe. More recently I have explored online suicide and depression culture, particularly on Reddit. In an age where social media can negatively impact mental health, some sub-cultures instead bond over social anxiety and loneliness. I use tufting as a comforting object to explore sadness and emptiness through soft rainbow visuals.

My visual style is quirky, colourful, bold geometry. As well as fabricating contemporary art, I really enjoy tufting custom home furnishings and decorative drag outfits. Bringing bespoke vegan tufting into peoples’ lives is the centre of my philosophy, so I’m always open to ideas and would love to hear your thoughts!

Much love